Six steps to Set up an U-channel Sign Post

A green U-channel traffic sign post.
A traffic sign post along a road.

Versatile U-channel sign posts feature perforated holes full length and easy installation. Signs can be mounted at any height. One advantage of U-channel post is that it can be directly stuck in the ground without digging a hole previously compared with square or round sign posts.

If you are a green hand in installing U-channel sign post, just do as the following steps. You'll be familiar with the job in short time.

Step 1: Find the location for sign post.
Step 2: Determine the length of the post to be buried.

  • 4 ft. post - 1-1/2 ft. Deep
  • 6-7 ft. post - 2-1/2 ft. Deep
  • 8 -12 ft. post - 3-1/2 ft. Deep

Step 3: Mark the spot when you need to install a lot of sign posts.
Step 4: Use the post driver to hammer the post in to right place.
Step 5: Check the post with a level tool and make sure it is straight.
Step 6: Install the sign on the U-channel post.

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