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Steel sign posts can be seen everywhere. Most people think it's very easy to install signs and know little about selection suitable sign posts for different applications. In fact, steel sign posts should be treated seriously before selection and installation. Inappropriate sign posts may lead to accidents. The FAQ below may help you know more about sign posts. If you still have questions, please kindly contact us for professional advice.

Q: U channel sign posts have two types - 1.12lb. per foot and 2lb. per foot, what's the difference?
A: 1.12lb. or 2lb. per foot is a measurement of weight and gauge. 1.12 lb. per foot U channel sign posts are lighter in weight and thinner in gauge than 2lb. per foot. 1.12lb. U channel are widely used in light duty applications as delineator post.

Q: Do I need 360° breakaway sign post system?
A: 360° breakaway sign post system is designed for signs mounted in medians. The signs can be seen from any direction.

Q: I want to install a 24" stop sign, what is the most popular post used?
A: Two 8' square sign posts are recommended. 8' sign posts are widely used in off-street parking lots.

Q: How deep should the sign post be into the ground?
A: Generally speaking, 2 to 3 feet is recommended. However, most sign posts are actually buried no more than 24" into the ground. This is probably okay for off-street signs. Remember the larger the sign, the deeper the hole.

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