How to Install Square Sign Post

Square sign post is a frequent-used post in traffic sign application. There are three ways of square post installation, including direct embedded single post, single breakaway anchor and two-piece breakaway anchor. Upon actual conditions, the two breakaway options are much more popular than direct embedded post. The reason is that breakaway system can bear higher impact and reused only replacing the broken top post.

SSPI-01: Single breakaway anchor post.
Two-piece breakaway square post with sleeve
SSPI-02: Two-piece breakaway anchor, the sleeve adding strength of the anchor post
A square post directly embed into the ground for common uses.
SSPI-03: Direct embedded square post.

Single breakaway anchor square post
Drive a minimum 30 12 gauge tubing into the soil to serve as an anchor base. 1 or 2 should be left above the ground.

Two-piece breakaway anchor
A two-piece square post breakaway system is that adds a 12 gauge sleeve of the next larger size to the original anchor post. Two-piece breakaway system provides a double wall of the anchor base and bear higher impact strength than single breakaway anchor.

Direct embedded square post
Direct embedded single post: square sign post will be driven directly into the ground without anchoring support. The shortness is that it can't be reused once broken by an accident or impact.

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