Vineyard Post Makes Trellis Installation Easier

Vineyard posts have been used in vineyards and orchards for decades. They are used to support vineyard trellis netting. Steel vineyard post is manufactured by high tech production process. Their multiple-rib profile increases twist resistance and stability. Open structure provides good ventilation and avoids condensation in the lower part. Hot-dip galvanized coating resist rust and weather corrosion. "H" or "U" notches with 6" increments (at 39.5" from the end) for easy wire installation without clips. Steel gauge for vineyard trellis post is 12 and 13. The heavier duty 12 gauge post for trellis systems which should fight against high wind and bear heavy load. Hence, steel vineyard post is replacing traditional wooden post because of its durable and effectiveness.

Note: A typical installation will put 2' in the ground for 6' above ground.

Galvanized vineyard post wit H hooks.
VP-01: Vineyard post with H hooks.
Vineyard trellis post with
VP-02: Vineyard trellis post.
Grape trellis post make trellis easy.
VP-03: Grape trellis post.

Product description:

  • Item: Vineyard steel post.
  • Material: high strength steel.
  • Length: 8 feet or desired length.
  • Steel gauge: 12 & 13.

Features & benefits:

  • Multiple-rib profile increases twist resistance.
  • Hot-dip galvanized coating resists corrosion and ensure a long life time.
  • Open structure for a good ventilation.
  • Bearing more side load than traditional stake.
  • Spacing between two neighboring posts is larger.

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