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Established in 1983, Rock Post & Hardware Co., Ltd. has been an outstanding and reliable international trading company in steel sign post and vineyard steel post manufacturing fields. After more than 30 years of hard work, our products have been widely recognized by an increasing number of clients all over the world. Most of them have been our loyal customers because of stable quality, quick delivery and reasonable price. You can find the real buying case in Case Study.

Our Main Products
Steel Sign Posts
  • U-channel Sign Posts
    U-channel steel sign post is often the premium choice for sign supports because of its low cost, simple construction and multiple types. U-channel post can be divided into 1.12lb/ft, 2.0lb/ft and 3.0lb/ft by weight. 1.12lb/ft is only for temporary post such as parking sign support. 2.0lb/ft and 3.0lb/ft are much heavier and stand for more impact and load. Breakaway U-channel post, including a base anchor and top post, is ideal for uses where should bear impacts.
  • Square Sign Post
    Square sign post has greater loading capacity than U-channel post and is popularly used in supporting street name signs and traffic signs. 1-3/4" × 1-3/4" & 2" × 2" are frequent dimensions. Perforated square tube post can be spliced by inserting one smaller post into another a little larger post. This is called a telescoping post. It means that square post can reach very high distance. An obvious advantage of square tube post compared with U-channel is that it can be mounted signs on 4 sides. In addition, breakaway square post system is always seen in actual projects.
  • Pipe Sign Post
    Pipe sign post is also an economical sign support and can be mounted at any desired angle.
Steel sign posts consist of U-channel post, square post and pipe post.
Step-in Fence Post
  • Pigtail Post
    Pigtail post consists of an insulated loop on top and welded foot step at the end. It can be dug into farm, lawn, garden or any terrain easily. Thanks to its easy installation and durability, pigtail post is widely used in temporary electric fence and farm and pasture grazing.
  • Plastic Electric Fence Post
    Versatile plastic electric fence post consists of ribbed I-beam post, heavy-duty steel stake, footplate and multiple insulators. Apart from support electric fence, plastic step-in post is also used in temporary fencing, club marker, plate trellis posts and fencing post for garden.
  • T Studded Post
    T studded post is strong and durable. It is often used in temporary fencing for garden, lawn and farm. It can be directly inserted into any terrain with the help of manual post driver.
Step-in plastic electric fence post, pigtail post and T studded post.

with the development of the market, our company has set a R&D development to improve original products. Our goal is to provide our customers the most suitable steel sign posts and step-in fence post. You and your customers can count on Rock Company.

Hot Products
1.12 lb/ft baked enamel green light-duty U-channel sign post.

Light Duty U Channel Sign Post

Light-duty 1.12lb/ft U-channel sign mounting post is ideal for temporary uses like parking or garden sign mounting uses.

Ribbed back heavy-duty U-channel sign post for traffic sign.

Heavy Duty U Channel Sign Post

Heavy-duty 2.0 lb/ft U-channel sign post is designed with ribbed back for more strength and front & back sign mounting.

Galvanized 3.0 lb/ft super heavy duty U-channel sign mounting post.

Super Heavy Duty U Channel Sign Post

Super heavy-duty 3.0lb/ft U-channel post with galvanized or baked enamel finish is popularly used in street sign and traffic sign supports.

Square sign post ideal for permanent or heavy duty fields.

Square Sign Post

Square sign post is ideal for permanent sign support uses including traffic and street name signs. Perforated and non-perforated square post are provided.


FAQ about Steel Sign Post

FAQ about steel sign post solves customers’ questions of post installation, selection and reasonable recommendations and help you make right decision.

How to Install U Channel Sign Post

Installation steps of U-channel steel sign post tell you the right method and the six steps should be followed.

Square Sign Post Installation

Square sign post can be directly driven into the ground or attached to anchor base or with a sleeve adding wall strength.

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